V-Ray Sun (Times of the day)

It’s surprisingly easy to manipulate times of the day when you are working with V-Ray Sun. But like any other light source on offer, be it V-Ray or integrated into 3ds Max its self, it requires you do some research and experimenting first to get it right.

I did some test renders working out this my self, and I did some color correction too once I got the renders I wanted. But nothing else really. My experience is that too much of Photoshop in renders is not a good idea. It should only make some light changes, fix minor odd occurrences, etc. Nothing more.




Data Channel Modifier

If you’re like me, still working in one of older version of 3ds Max you might find this useful to review!

Data Channel Modifier looks promising when it comes to changing your geometry with textures already applied.

Until I actually test this and try to implement it in my work, I leave you with a brief review of what this new modifier has to offer.